Netherlands, Nieuw-Vennep
100-249 employees

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DERO is the foundation of our expertise in robotics, as driven specialists who do not shy away from any challenge. Whatever happens, we always make sure it works. Did someone say it’s impossible? We take that as a challenge and get our teeth into the project!

DERO is renowned for its specialist robot solutions. We work for end users, machine manufacturers seeking know-how in robotics and within the group in our own fields of expertise, cheese making, convenience products and end-of-line systems.

We develop and deliver complete systems but also supply robots, grippers and software.

Robots are central to many of our solutions. We work with renowned brands, including FANUC, Stäubli, ABB and Schneider. We select the right robot (or cobot) for the job depending on the application and client preferences. We are familiar with the products and software of these robot manufacturers and can also take care of maintenance and service.

We have 35 years of experience developing and building robot grippers, from basic to multi-functional grippers. Our experienced engineers design and produce the right gripper for the intended purpose. A robot without a gripper is useless, but by including the right robotgripper, we can automate (nearly) every production process.

We produce our own in-house software for all robot applications. The infrastructure surrounding the software is fundamental to guaranteeing reliable operations and friendliness of service. We apply a very solid program infrastructure based on our knowledge and years of experience. The software can operate the robot as well as all background functions such as peripheral equipment, HMI, manual operations and communications with systems at a higher level in the hierarchy.

We are the ideal partner for robots, grippers and software and to provide complete, integrated automation solutions, including robots. We provide complete solutions, including all the equipment and operating systems required. For example, internal transport systems, AGVs, links with WMS and CMS, and more. We analyse the requirements, draw up an automation plan and implement an innovative solution. We take care of it, from concept to after-sales.

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Luzernestraat 77
2153 GM Nieuw-Vennep


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Company competencies

Product groups

Arms, robot

Robots, palletising and/or order picking

Robots, feeding and stacking

Robots, assembly line: industrial and commercial

Robots, industrial

Robots, industrial, packaging

Robots, industrial

Robots, industrial, clean room

Placement equipment, programmed, mechanical handling, robotic

Repair and maintenance services, robotics

Software, industrial automation and robotics

Robot solution types

Packing & Palletizing

Handling & Picking



Target industries

Food & Beverage


Agriculture & Forestry



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Company addresses

Head office

Luzernestraat 77
2153 GM Nieuw-Vennep

Local office

Anewiel 4
8502 VC Joure

Local office

Amethiststraat 15
1812 RP Alkmaar

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