Halter CNC Robotics LLC - Cascade, IA

United States, Cascade, IA
0-9 employees

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Company description

Halter helps companies in aerospace, manufacturing, machinery, and automotive achieve greater efficiency and profits from their CNC machines. With over 30 years of experience in the metalworking industry, Halter has advanced the field of CNC automation. We have developed a CNC machine tending and loading robotic system which is easily connected with any CNC machine. This helps increase the efficiency of your operators. HALTER LoadAssistants give you the flexibility to quickly respond to your customers needs. We enable you to profitably run small and medium-sized batches with quick set up times. Day in. Day out.

Company details

109 Fox Street
52033 Cascade , IA
United States


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Company competencies

Product groups

Robots, industrial

Robots, industrial, electronic

Robots, industrial, pneumatic

Robots, handling, for plastics processing

Robots, industrial

Robots, industrial, hydraulic

Robots for Metal forming: pressing, extruding, etc.

Robotics engineering consultants

Robot applications consultants

Robot solution types

Machine Tending

Target industries

Agriculture & Forestry

Aerospace & Defense



Metal & Machinery


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Head office

109 Fox Street
52033 Cascade , IA
United States

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