Mission Design & Automation

United States, Holland, MI
100-249 employees


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Company description

Mission Design & Automation develops custom process and equipment solutions that simplify automation for North American manufacturers.

We help companies conceptualize, specify, build, program, and install new automation and robotics solutions that improve safety, speed, quality, repeatability — and revenue.

Manufacturers turn to us for automation integration of varying-sized projects and with all levels of complexity. We've helped teams in the automotive, agriculture, furniture, medical device, construction, food & beverage, EV, and consumer goods industries, and we are always expanding automation applications in emerging industries.

Company details

9696 Black River Court
49464 Holland , MI
United States


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Company competencies

Product groups

Robotic assembly systems consultants

Design services, robotics

Industrial robotics engineering consultants

Laser cutting and welding robotics consultants

Training courses, robotics

Machine cabling services for robotics

Robotics engineering consultants

Repair and maintenance services, robotics

Robot applications consultants

Software, industrial automation and robotics

Robots, software selection and application

Robot solution types

Printing & Labelling


Packing & Palletizing



Material Addition

Handling & Picking

Material Removing

Machine Tending

Inspection & QA

Target industries

Agriculture & Forestry

Aerospace & Defense



Electronics & Technology

Food & Beverage



Metal & Machinery



Rubber & Plastic

Robot catalogue

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Company addresses

Head office

9696 Black River Ct
49424 Holland , MI
United States

Local office

9696 Black River Court
49464 Holland , MI
United States

Contact persons

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