United States, Milford, OH
Sub-component manufacturer
500-999 employees

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The specially developed cable protection conduits for complex robot applications withstand the extreme loads and movements to protect your cables and hoses and hence, reduce downtime. "Made by murrSystems" stands for the highest quality. Specifically modified materials and special conduit geometries ensure best protection and durability. We configure and produce customized dresspacks according to customer specifications, either including all cables and media conduits or as an empty dresspack for our customers to populate on-site. Our dresspacks can be designed for all major industrial 4 and 6 axes robots as well as all major collaborative robots. Our well-designed components give the robot the necessary freedom of movement at high working speeds and precise repeatability with a long service life.

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1175 US 50
45150 Milford , OH
United States


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Cable protection systems for robotics and automated machinery

Robot solution types


Packing & Palletizing

Material Addition

Handling & Picking

Material Removing

Machine Tending

Inspection & QA


Target industries


Paper & Pulp

Aerospace & Defense




Electronics & Technology


Metal & Machinery


Rubber & Plastic

Robot catalogue

Robotics kit UNI

Sets specially adapted to the cable routing on robots and small robots. The robot kit UNI offers the possibility of professional c...

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Murrplastik M710IC/45M Dress Kits

Whilst preventing unnecessary movement our recirculation systems come into play, as a rule, they are mounted on axis 3; they are...

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1175 US 50
45150 Milford , OH
United States

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1175 US Highway 50
45150 Milford , OH
United States

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