RS Automation USA

United States, Henderson, NV
Robot manufacturer
100-249 employees


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Company description

RS Automation has been established with the new brand name "Reliable & Smart" in January 2010 based on 30 years of control automation experience from global companies such as Samsung Electronics and Rockwell Automation. Our business portfolio is comprised primarily of designing, manufacturing and selling of control automation product as well as of providing services, technical and engineering capability to the industry automation. RS Automation is committed to delivering "Reliable and Smart" Control Product to our global customers through our leading core technology. RS Automation's products with extensive development and sales experience in factory automation devices provides the best solution for automated equipment manufacturing applications with various product line-up including PLC controller, AC Servo drive, network-based distributed I/O, touch panel, PCS, robot controller and competitive price and high quality. The value of a global brand designed to be easy to apply not only to industries but also to general commercial areas with world-class technology will give greater satisfaction and service to customers. RS Automation product is easy to install and use, enabling optimal configuration for unit instrument control. It is easy to apply for the various application such as semiconductor process, semiconductor equipment, energy and power generation facility, robot, injection machine, packing machine, elevator, parking equipment, washing machine, food machinery, power facility, ship, communication, textile, paper, medical equipment, electronic component, building control, etc. The superior performance and capabilities of RS Automation products has already been proven to many customers in general commercial production as well as industrial plant automation

Company details

900 Wigwam Pkwy
89014 Henderson , NV
United States


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Company competencies

Product groups

Industrial robot components, automated equipment accessories

Servo-motors, industrial robot

Components, electrical, for robots

Motors, DC, for robotics applications

Controls and control systems for robotics

Design services, robotics

Robots, industrial

Robot solution types


Packing & Palletizing


Inspection & QA

Cleaning & Disinfection

Printing & Labelling


Material Addition

Handling & Picking

Material Removing

Machine Tending



Target industries



Electronics & Technology


Metal & Machinery



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Company addresses

Head office

900 Wigwam Pkwy
89014 Henderson , NV
United States

Local office

900 Wigwam Pkwy
89014 Henderson , NV
United States

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