Sealing System A/S

Denmark, Grindsted
50-99 employees

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Sealing System A/S is a Danish high-tech company with almost 100 skilled employees. Since 1998, we have specialized in automating the industry by providing the best turn-key packaging systems on the market. Our goal is clear: Finding the optimal and most favourable solution based on customer demands.

What makes Sealing System so unique is our long-standing cooperation with our partners, who are the absolute best suppliers within their own field of expertise. As a result, our intelligent packaging systems offer a wide range of different machines. Our range consists of multihead weighers, check weighers, X-Rays, robots, case erectors/sealers, wrap around, tray packing, film wrapping, case packing of flexible bags as well as film wrappers.

Innovation of the automation industry is part of our DNA. That's why we ventured into the development of our own machines in 2017. We are proud to be able to present our own manufacture of machines: IP-4 Greenline pallet loader, our Intelligent Robot Picker, and casepackers. All internal transport equipment, vertical conveyor/pallet magazines, controllers, etc. are produced and manufactured in-house. This means that customers need only contact one supplier.

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Hedemarken 1
7200 Grindsted


Sealing System A/S

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Arms, robot

Tool changers, robotics

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Machine cabling services for robotics

Repair and maintenance services, robotics

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Electronics & Technology

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Head office

Hedemarken 1
7200 Grindsted

Contact persons

Martin S√łndergaard

Account Manager +4530995500

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