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Netherlands, Zwolle


Cobot welding solutions for welders. Very easy to use. Single button Teaching for single piece and small series production. Weldin...


Germany, Koenigsfeld

Jaeger-Engineering GmbH

Jaeger Engineering is a german high-tech company founded in 2010. Looking for new solutions and innovations, Jaeger Engineering is...


Germany, Edemissen

AGS Automation Greifsysteme Schwope GmbH

We design and produce the End of Arm Tooling Kit - PreciGrip. You can built the EOATs by yourself. Therefore visit your Custome...


Germany, Augsburg

AGS Automation Greifsysteme Schwope GmbH

We design and produce the End of Arm Tooling Kit - PreciGrip. You can built the EOATs (End of Arm Tools) by yourself. Therefore vi...


United States, Indianapolis

THG Automation

THG Automation is dedicated to forging cobot-human collaborations for companies looking for more efficiency and increased product...


New products in the
#HowToRobot Directory

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Other Component

Gripper (EOAT) Design Software - CADGrip 2.0

2 495.00 €

Intuitively operating Software for gripper construction AGS now enables interactive configuration in the field of gripper assem...


Safety Equipment

Safety Fence System (Like a KIT)

150.00 €

Safety Fence Kit The Safety Fence Kit includes about 35 different component types and which are easy to select. The elements ar...


End Effector

Gripper (End of Arm Tool) Complete - MADE FROM THE AGS SYSTEM

500.00 €

Complete Gripper We are ready to build the complete gripper for you, either using the components out of our two systems (PreciG...


End Effector

Neddle Gripper for flexible parts (Like Textil or cardboard)

400.00 €


End Effector

Cutting Unit (Specially for Sprues)

350.00 €

View provides us with the world’s greatest overview of robot and automation suppliers. This is extremely valuable for advising our customers on where to find the best solution for their needs.

Søren Juhl Rantorp, CEO, Gain & Co

We enjoy being part of this global automation network and offer solutions for the many manufacturers who demand flexibility, precision and speed in the robot applications.

Kjeld Bagger, CEO, AVS Denmark

I like #HowToRobot because it makes it easy for businesses to understand and use robots. The platform helps customers make the right decisions about robots

Michal Nevěřil, Man. Director, Pilz (Czech Republic & Slovakia)

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