Applied Manufacturing Technologies

United States, Orion, MI
250-499 employees


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Company description

Founded in 1989, Applied Manufacturing Technologies is an industry leader in automated end of line solutions, complex material handling systems, and engineering support globally. AMT employs more than 120 experienced and highly-trained controls and automation engineers with over 1,250 combined years of experience engaged in automation projects across an array of industries. With a deep bench of experienced, innovative automation engineers, consultants, and programmers, AMT assists customers with projects at any stage of development, from conceptualization and design to troubleshooting and expansion. From AMT’s Orion, Michigan headquarters, the company has engineered more than 25,000 automation systems worldwide on 5,500 projects for more than 600 customers. For more information, visit AMT’s website, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Company details

219 Kay Industrial Dr
48359 Orion , MI
United States


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Product groups

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Robot solution types


Material Addition

Handling & Picking

Machine Tending

Inspection & QA


Target industries



Food & Beverage



Metal & Machinery


Pharma & Chemistry

Rubber & Plastic


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Company addresses

Head office

219 Kay Industrial Dr
48359 Orion , MI
United States

Local office

219 Kay Industrial Drive
48359 Orion , MI
United States

Contact persons

Scott Kilpatrick

VP Sales +1 248-515-3267

"AMT is more of a partner to us than a supplier. They are exceptional individuals who have the same qualities and foundational core beliefs that we stress within our organization. Their team fits in really well with our company culture. The actual process and project management has been amazing. AMT has enabled us to add a layer to our engineering team and use them as a support arm to help us extend our current capabilities. They have enabled us to be more agile and flexible as a company which in turn allows us to get to the finish line quicker. They bring a level of professionalism and they have a true vested interest in helping us be successful."

Vincenzo Speziale

Vincenzo Speziale

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