Drake Robotics

United States, Waynesboro, VA
Robot manufacturer
50-99 employees

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Company description

For over 30 years, Drake has manufactured high quality, high-speed handling equipment for the food industry. During this time, we realized that robotic automation could greatly help the food industry reduce labor and maintenance costs. However, most robotic applications do not meet the food industry’s rigorous speed and sanitation requirements. To meet these needs, Drake offers several high quality, high-speed robotic food loaders. For the most sanitary robotic food handling available, Drake Robotics will custom build a robot designed to meet your specific requirements. In addition, Drake Robotics offers our unique Fanuc enclosure for purchase as an individual item.

Company details

1410 Genicom Drive
22980 Waynesboro , VA
United States



Drake Robotics

Company competencies

Product groups

Industrial robot components, automated equipment accessories

Tool holders for robots or automatic machine tools

Mechanical component manufacturing services, robotics, automation

Simulation and training systems for robotics

Positioning equipment, electronic, materials handling, robotic

Transfer mechanisms for robotic applications

Robots, industrial

Robots, industrial, packaging

Robots, palletising and/or order picking

Polishing services, robotic, for metals

Placement equipment, programmed, mechanical handling, robotic

Design services, robotics

Industrial robotics engineering consultants

Robot applications consultants

Robotic assembly systems consultants

Robot solution types

Handling & Picking


Target industries

Food & Beverage

Robot catalogue

Stainless Steel FANUC Robot Controller E...

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Company addresses

Head office

1410 Genicom Drive
22980 Waynesboro , VA
United States

Contact persons

Sergio Saez

Drake International Sales Manager

ssaez@drakeloader.com +1.540.447.0442

Eric Zills

Drake North American Sales Manager

ezills@drakeloader.com +1 (540) 487-6389

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