MasterControls LLC

United States, New Castle, IN
0-9 employees

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Company description

MasterControls has over 38 years of automation and systems integration experience. Customers include the likes of: Virgin Galactic, SpaceX, Clorox, GE, Anheuser-Busch, Ford, Kawasaki, GM, Parker Hannifin, Boeing, NASA, Rolls Royce, Walt Disney, 3M, US Army/Navy, Michelin, BAE Systems, General Dynamics, Raytheon, Goodyear, Snap-On, Honeywell, Callaway, LSU, P&G, Hendrick Motorsports, Siemens, Black & Decker, NAPA, Lockheed Martin, Michigan State Univ., UCLA, etc.

Offering Collaborative Robot solutions through Universal Robots, DOBOT, OnRobot, Robotiq, VersaBuilt and more. Industrial Robots from Fanuc and Comau. Machine Tending, Palletizing, Welding, Machining, you name it, we can provide a solution for you.

Company details

508 Broad Street
47362 New Castle , IN
United States


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Company competencies

Product groups

Positioning equipment, electronic, materials handling, robotic

Mechanical component manufacturing services, robotics, automation

Tool changers, robotics

Tool holders for robots or automatic machine tools

Controls and control systems for robotics

Servo-motors, industrial robot

Motors, DC, for robotics applications

Arms, robot

Industrial robot components, automated equipment accessories

Educational equipment, robotics

Robots, industrial, movement simulators

Robots, assembly line

Robots, palletising and/or order picking

Welding services, metal, robotic

Placement equipment, programmed, mechanical handling, robotic

Robots, industrial, packaging

Robots, industrial, clean room

Assembly machines, including robotic

Robots, industrial

Robots for drilling, cutting, grinding, polishing, etc.

Robots for Metal forming: pressing, extruding, etc.

Robots, industrial, for education and training

Robots, industrial, welding

Robot applications consultants

Robot solution types


Material Addition

Handling & Picking


Machine Tending

Material Removing

Packing & Palletizing


Target industries


Electronics & Technology

Metal & Machinery


Aerospace & Defense

Agriculture & Forestry




Robot catalogue

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Company addresses

Head office

508 Broad Street
47362 New Castle , IN
United States

Contact persons

Nathan Petry

President +17655873112

Jeff Petry

Senior Integration Engineer +17655873112

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