THG Automation

United States, Indianapolis , IN
10-19 employees


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Company description

THG Automation is dedicated to forging cobot-human collaborations for companies looking for more efficiency and increased product quality by developing, building, and delivering the first Fronius-powered welding package to the US market. This approach begins by fusing the combined expertise of Universal Robots and Fronius welding systems to build the workforce of the future, while bringing along the workforce of today, through more than 20 years of engineering and welding experience via the THG Automation team. We focus on areas of collaborative solutions and leverage our expertise to boost improved welding automation outcomes, and energetically help sustain progress within the manufacturing landscape. We provide a variety of robotic welding systems that can do MIG and TIG welding, using our custom software, and offer add-on features such as our SideCar which allows users to quickly switch between manual and automated welding. Our clientele ranges everywhere from large aerospace companies to smaller low mix, high volume manufacturing facilities. Tenacity demanded by industrious calibration, diligence, proficiency, and instinct: these are the key components of the development of THG’s exceptional automotive solutions.

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2120 Clay Street
46205 Indianapolis , IN
United States


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Product groups

Educational equipment, robotics

Robots, industrial, welding

Robots, industrial, arc welding

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Target industries

Paper & Pulp

Aerospace & Defense



Food & Beverage

Metal & Machinery



Robot catalogue

Base Push System

The base push system is an air-cooled system that is great for welding carbon steel, stainless steel and can push aluminum. We sug...

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Water Cooled Push System

Just like the air-cooled push system, the water-cooled push system is great for welding carbon steel, stainless steel and can push...

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Base Push-Pull System

The base Push-Pull system is great for welding carbon steel and stainless steel, but especially aluminum. This system includes the...

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Advanced Push-Pull System

This system is excellent for welding carbon steel, stainless steel, and aluminum, which includes all the options in the Base Push...

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Add-on THG Automation SideCar

With the SideCar, the users can now simply flip a switch, and their system can become a manual welding tool using the same power s...

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Company addresses

Head office

2120 Clay Street
46205 Indianapolis , IN
United States

Contact persons

Matthew Hendey

Founder, President, & CEO +13175935575

Robert Sibley

Industrial Designer +13175935575

Zenobia Weigel

Public Relations Manager +13175935575

Jaxson Schuessler

Sales Coordinator +13175935575

Katelyn Cowden

Marketing Manager +13175935575

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