TPK Controls

United States, amherst
20-49 employees

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Company description

At Turnpike Controls we believe that your needs are unique, and deserve a solution that is tailored to your particular challenges. Our engineering team will design the perfect system to your exact specifications.
Your time is valuable, and so is your hard-earned money. We get that. At Turnpike Controls, we’ve assembled experienced tech teams ready to construct your system on time and within the demands of your budget.
Building unique systems is no good without a plan to maintain them afterwards. We at Turnpike Controls provide support for legacy systems already in place, as well as new customer contracts.

Company details

2155 south amherst highway
24521 amherst
United States


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Company competencies

Product groups

Tool holders for robots or automatic machine tools

Safety brakes for robotics

Simulation and training systems for robotics

Robotic conveyors

Controls and control systems for robotics

Guidance systems, optical, for industrial robots

Work holders for robots or automatic machine tools

Arms, robot

Television cameras, robotic control

Quality control systems, robotic

Components, electrical, for robots

Numerical control systems for robots

Lift and turn modules for robots

Transfer mechanisms for robotic applications

Industrial robot components, automated equipment accessories

Sensors for robots and automated machinery

Manipulators, robotic

Robots, industrial, packaging

Robots, industrial, clean room

Robots, industrial

Robots, industrial

Robots, industrial, hydraulic

Robots, industrial, movement simulators

Robots, assembly line

Robots, palletising and/or order picking

Robots, industrial, linear

Robots, industrial, adhesive and sealant application

Robots, industrial, arc welding

Robots, industrial, resistance, spot welding

Robots, industrial, laser cutting

Robots, assembly line: industrial and commercial

Robots, industrial, electronic

Robots, industrial, welding

Robots, feeding and stacking

Robots, industrial, spray finishing

Robots, vehicular, for bomb disposal and fire-fighting

Robots, industrial, pneumatic

Training courses, robotics

Machine cabling services for robotics

Repair and maintenance services, robotics

Robotic assembly systems consultants

Robot applications consultants

Laser cutting and welding robotics consultants

Design services, robotics

Industrial robotics engineering consultants

Robotics engineering consultants

Software, industrial automation and robotics

Robots, software selection and application

Robot solution types


Packing & Palletizing



Handling & Picking

Machine Tending

Inspection & QA

Target industries

Agriculture & Forestry


Paper & Pulp

Aerospace & Defense

Electronics & Technology

Food & Beverage


Metal & Machinery

Pharma & Chemistry


Rubber & Plastic

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Company addresses

Head office

2155 south amherst highway
24521 amherst
United States

Contact persons

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